Ongoing Projects

I have nothing to do with the developement of this site, but I'm proud to be a member of Kiva. With as little as $25, anyone can make a big difference in someone's life as a "micro-lender."
Teodora, a Peruvian livestock breeder needed $525.00 to improve her business. Along with 20 other people, I was able to help her. Like thousands of others all over the world, Teodora will repay her loan and enable Kiva to provide loans to others. Find out more.


This is where you get off to visit my neighborhood. You'll probably miss these sights. That's why I carry my non-digital point and shoot camera with me whenever I go for a walk. There are sides to the land of Goshen (NY) and other towns nearby that aren't documented in the tour guides. Exit 125 can be a state of mind as much as a turning off point. Beauty, menace, whimsy and mystery can be as close as the next exit.
Take a walk on the wild side! Come with me!


The Dowd Genealogy
In 1639 a congregation of 26 families, including my ancestors, followed their Puritan minister to the New World. The pastor's name was Henry Whitfield. The settlement they founded is now Guilford, CT.
My Great G'father Rev. Willis Wedworth Dowd (at left) published a genealogy in 1885. This site,, was launched in 1996 in an attempt to emulate his efforts in a very modest way.

Hurt of the Antarctic

Since my teens I've been interested in 19th Century polar explorers. About twelve years ago I thought it might be fun to create a bogus museum installation commemorating the heroic exploits of a fictional antarctic explorer. I called him Edward Hurt . By displaying fabricated artifacts, a fiction could be sustained with a combination of visual "evidence" and a supporting narrative. I never got too far with the project, but, I think people might find some of the work interesting. It involved building dioramas (at left), photography, drawing, and writing.

Note: the figures and artifacts were built in perspective on a tabletop. Photography, Stephen E. Munz.